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  • 25 maart 2020
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hello and please help 13.03.2020 i can't log in to my account on ps 4, it shows me error type NP-40833-8. the only way is to change the IP. I am asking you for advice what to do because I have no more strength for this :( whom should I turn to to change my IP

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5 reacties

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Your IP number, wel then you probably did something that isnt allowed on the PS network.

When i am wrong, then you need a very good reason so your SP (Tele2) gives you a new IP nr.


But you can allso try This link



I didn't do anything like that, if there was something wrong, for example, I would have an account blocked or a warning. I have a ps 4 account since 2011. Thank you for a quick reply if new IP is not possible. then I will have to change the internet provider. Thank you and best regards :)
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Uhm i am not from Tele2 if you think that, so for an official answer from Tele2 you need to call them or wait here till one reacts to this topic.

But did you try the link i gave you earlyer?



Thank you for your help, topic not current


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No thanks, your welcome.