• 1 juni 2016
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Hi! My internet has been down from this morning. I live in Rotterdam, but I don't speak Dutch. I tried everything, such as restarting and rebooting my internet, but no success.
Modem type COMTREND fashion VI-3223u. Signal Leds: Power: turns to green. WLAN: light solid green. DSL : blink green continuously. Internet: does not light up - reset modem to factory settings to no avail - power boat modem (power is off) to no avail - modem displays next level maintenance screen: xDSL status FAIL.
I tried calling two different Dutch Tele2 numbers, but no results. I can't find any information on anything being wrong on your website, and would please like to know if it's a known problem or someone might have a solution for me. Thank you.

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Is there anybody can help?
Now the DSL station is up (i did nothing, it just happened), but the internet light is red, so the internet is still unavailable. Restarting and reset are both not work. I tried to call the custmor service 0207544444 several times. But they only asked confusing questions instead of giving out any solution. Is anyone can solve the problem?
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Dear tele2-shi,

I would like to look at your connection from here. Would you please send me your personal details, customer number and date of birth via a private message?