Internet not working, tele2 is taking too much time to respond

  • 3 april 2019
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I'm without internet at home for the third day now. I have contacted the klantservice and they said I should receive a message for an appointment with the technicien from KPN within 24 hours. I should have received then yesterday. Instead of 24 hours, 48 hours have passed and I have not receive any message for an appointment yet. I'm trying to imagine how much time should it take until the KPN engineer comes and fixes the problem.

What is extremely annoying is that tele2 does not offer any alternative and temporary solutions unless you have a phone contract with them. HOW SHOULD I KNOW THAT ?!!!!

Tele2 must be able to provide a sim card for any of its customers until the internet is fixed and not only for those who have phone contracts with them.

Any thoughts about what to do ??

I have been calling the klantservice for the past three hours, and its busy !!

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Yes, it can be busy, but three hours waitingtime can not be true.. Try it in the morning hours, than the traffic load is always lower. Alternatives for wired internet are not available.
Actually, I have tried to call them 15 times between 11:00 and 15:00 but no luck at all. In the end, I went by myself to one of their stores. They helped me reach the customer service.
The internet connection is not available at all, neither with wifi nor with cable.
It sucks....

Thanks for your reaction Eric.
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If you send me your full address, date of birth and last 4 digits of your account number i can check the progress of the KPN mechanic and if other actions are needed to fix the issue. You can use the link to send the information to me in a private message. Privébericht naar Michiel
Dear Michel,
Thanks for your reaction.
I have just sent you the info you required.
A tele2 technicien came to my house today, and he realized that a KPN engineer is needed because the problem seems to come from outside the house (4 days is too much for this conclusion alone!!!).
I hope that he comes today, because this is the 4th day, I'm without internet. I also hope that tele2 works better on finding alternative solutions to its customers and make things run more smoothly unlike how they happened in my case.

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Thanks for sending the information. With the feedback of our technician it is clear we need to wait for a solution from a KPN engineer. My colleagues already send a message to KPN, it is not possible for us to see if a KPN engineer is available or how long it will take for them to solve the issue.
that is a pity; this is taking too much time.
Thanks Michiel.
Well, tele2 engineer sent an imprecise onformation to KPN who responded in a dump way. KPN realised that I do have internet although the speed only allows to send a whatsapp message. Therefore, KPN concluded that I DO HAVE INTERNET, woooo as if 1byte per means internet.
Bottom of the line, KPN sent back to tele2 that they do not need to do anything!!!
Now tele2 had to wait for my call to see that they have to send another ticket to KPN. Now It will take another 5 days.
I told tele2 customer service that I would buy a sim card from their store so that they give me their alternative solution, that is a free internet, until my connection goes back to normal. Surprisingly, they refused and said I have to wait because KPN's engineer is intervening and made my internet connection works but very slowly.
Well... No KPN engineer has yet done anything. My internet has been extremly slow for the past 6 days and nothing new happened.
It is really very disappointing. You pay the least subscription, you get the worst service ever !!!!
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Looking at the feedback from KPN and the line rate we can measure the problem has been solved. When i log in to the modem i only see appliances connected to wifi, you can solve wifi issues yourself extra information can be found with the following link
Sorry Michel, my problem is not only with the wifi. Besides, KPN did not intervene yet at my house, so I do not expect the internet to get fixed on its own !!
I have already tried an internet connection with a cable and the same problem persists. I was just (5 min ago) in contact with the tele2 customer service and told me that KPN said that it will take them 4 working days in order to PICK UP MY TICKET. It means that I might have to wait for another 10 days before the problem is solved.
My problem as I have already pointed out is that the connection is extremely weak that the speed only allows you to send a whatsapp message and nothing more. It means that the speed is of 1bit/s magnitude instead of 40Mbit/s.