Weak WIFI signal

  • 14 oktober 2019
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Hello there,

The wifi signal of my modem is super bad already for a long time. Some people told me that maybe is necessary to change the modem, I should ask Tele2 for a new one. I have this modem since 2014. Is this correct? why is the wifi signal getting worse? 

The PC that is connected with wire to the modem works fine, so it is not Tele2 signal problem but the wifi of the modem.


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2 reacties

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When people arround you start using extra wifi points, your signal will be disturbed as well.

Consider a wifi mesh network. See for help here.

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Hi @dhaverbeck,

Welcome on our forum. With the following link you can see what can be done to improve the wifi network. 

Greets, Michiel