Little or no service in Croatia

  • 5 May 2022
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Hi, there is a problem with mobile service and my phone in Croatia. If this is not resolved, I will be switching to another provider as soon as I come back to Netherlands.


Since I arrived in Croatia on 26/04, there is little or no mobile service on my phone. Phone will connect to a mobile service for some random amount of time after restarting the phone. Some times it is 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. Then it will lose mobile connection, of course I cannot call or text or anything since there is no service. Once it loses the connection, it never gets it back. I have to restart the phone. Phone then connects for a few minutes and it loses connection again. This happens everywhere I have been in Croatia (several different cities, towns, places), it happens even if the phone is just sitting in one place.

Mobile connection works fine in Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium (as far as I remember, I travel often to Germany and France and it seems to work mostly ok).

Last year (2021) I was in Croatia for one month with same phone, same SIM card, and everything worked ok as far as I remember.

I have already called customer service last week about this but the only help I received was to remove and insert SIM card. That did not work since it keep happening.

I have tried different networks (doesn’t work), different APN settings (no difference), turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (doesn’t help), pulled out SIM card many times (didn’t help). Seems initially phone was connecting to A1 network but after calling customer service it now connects to HT HR network. However that doesn’t work since as soon as phone loses connection, it never reconnects. When phone was connecting to A1, I could never see A1 on list of networks, but it worked for few minutes. Now when it connects to HT HR I can see that network and two others (Tele2 and HR VIP) but phone cannot connect to any network at all, whichever I choose.

Please help me resolve this. I have been here for one week and I maybe had service for 4 hours in total. I will be here for another week. I will also be here again for one month in the summer. If I cannot use Tele2 in Croatia, I will switch to another provider.


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Het @pajtaz Croatia sounds lovely right now!

Of course you need to be connected at all times and I’m here to help you. Good thing you filled in your phone number in your profile. I checked some things for you and luckily there was no blockage. Please try to manually connect to this network: Croatian Telecom.

The other network that you can connect to is A1 Hrvatska d.o.o, but that one doesn’t have 4G available. 

Please let me know if this network works for you and solved it! 😊

I hope you read my problem. It does not seem like you did. I cannot connect to any network after the phone loses connection. After I restart it is connected to Croatian Telecom (HT HR) but then it loses connection after few minutes. Then I have no connection and cannot connect to any network until I restart.

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Hi, of course I read it. However you did not mention ‘Croatian Telekom’. This one should work. If it doesn’t, please check out this article.


It’s in Dutch, so I’ll translate the most important one for you:

  • If you don’t have a network connection, you should try to reset your network settings

  • You can do this under General settings on your phone and choose ‘Reset’.

  • Please note that you will lose passwords of your wifi networks, so you will have to reconnect to them.

  • Also, make sure Roaming is turned on and connecting automatically is turned off, in case your phone tries to automatically connect to the wrong network.

It seems the phone now connects to the mobile service and can reconnect without having to restart. Here is what seems to have fixed the issue:

After the restart of the phone, phone eventually lost connection and could not reconnect to any network. I then manually selected HT HR network. Phone did not connect. Then I restarted the phone. After restart the phone connected to mobile service. Since then (2+ days) it works correctly. I am afraid to restart the phone since I am not sure if it will mess things up.

It seems after manually selecting the network and restarting, you must never again do automatic selection of the network. It has to remain on whatever network you chose, at least until you return to NL.

Thanks for the help but I'm not really sure what suggestion fixed it. 

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Hey @pajtaz, I’m also not sure what the exact problem or solution was, but I’m really happy to hear that you’re connected now! Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully you stay connected for the rest of your trip (and every future trip of course) without any issues. 

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask them. Otherwise I wish you a great stay at Croatia and come home safe! 🌞😊