Is the Huawei P8 compatible with the 4G network of TELE2?

  • 29 oktober 2017
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I checked the online "helper" but it gave me two different answers for the same phone. See the attached picture. Does anyone have the P8 or does anyone know if the phone is compatible with the network? I want to buy a sim-only subscription but I want to assure that it will actually work before I buy it. Thank you so much in advance!

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Huawei produced different phones but gave them almost the same name. Very confusion indeed from Huawei.
If you have the P8 from model 2015, (https://www.androidplanet.nl/huawei/p8/specs/ )than that handset does not support the 800 Mhz frequency and for that, the KPN/Voda and Tele2 are not giving you a nation wide 4G experience. P8 models which were released in a later stage were more adapted for the European market and support the 800 Mhz as well. https://www.androidplanet.nl/huawei/p8-lite-2017/specs/

So, to answer your question, the P8 will not work fine on the Tele2 4G network and is not listed on the whitelist. If you use the handset with a new 4G subscription, most of the time you will be on 3G and as that it not according the aggrement, you will receive a SMS warning that the subscription will be barred until you switch your handset (fee will continue). So, your handset is not really suitable for the Dutch market.