• 28 oktober 2018
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Hi, I received two month higher costs of invoice for my phone bundle because of calling Croatia, that is in the European Union and I shouldn’t be charged for it differently than the rest of the EU.
As it also says on your page. Where can I complain about it and have it fixed?

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3 reacties

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Calling from the Netherlands to any other country, including EU countries is a regular international call and it isn't part of your call bundle.

The EU regulation is about roaming in the EU, so if you are in a EU country you can call from your calling plan.
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The text says you can use your subscription plan bundle to call IN all EU countries not TO all EU countries. For roaming the EU laws say the price for calling IN (and to) other EU countries is bundle price, but calling from NL TO other EU isn’t roaming.
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Sorry, seems your Dutch is not on par... calling TO eu countries is outside the bundle. Check www.tele2.nl/buitenland. There is a chapter ' Vanuit Nederland naar het buitenland bellen'.