• 3 november 2018
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I have a sim only subscriptions (23 juni 2017--22 juni 2019) and in MijnTele2 i get (JE KUNT VERLENGEN met telefoon of met Sim Only).
i want to extend with a phone so in one of the steps i have to fill in my ID but.
thers are two options Nederlandse nationaliteit and Buitenlandse nationaliteit.
im iraakse i live in Netherlands for almost 6 years i have VERBLIJFSTITEL ID so if i choose the Nederlandse i need to have Nederlandse Identiteitskaart or Nederlandse Paspoort or Rijbewijs
but if i choose Buitenlandse nationaliteit, i get that i have to cancel my subscription
so do i have one options is to cancel my subscription and change to another provider?

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For subsriptions with a phone, you need an EU passport and can not loan more than 250 euro. With an irakian? passport you can not get a full phone loan with any operator in the Netherlands.
Subscriptions with foreign passports can only be taken in physical shops.
Eric, thanks for your reply
Is this a new rules ?
i have this subsriptions with iphone 7plus 3 or 4 years ago and i get one for my sister with iphone 6plus and i did it by fill in a paper and send it to tele2 with just VERBLIJFSTITEL ID
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Yes, new rules were introduced as the law changed in may 2017. Since that time, all loanes for handsets must be registered to the BKR.
Otherwise, go to a Tele2 store and see what they can do.