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  • 13 juni 2020
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Few days ago I subscribed with Tele2 Unlimited data, and the issue is I cannot exceed 6GB daily? 5Gb + 1 time SMS 1GB, my friend has the same subscription as me and he can spam SMS with extra 1GB lots of time and have as much as he want the data, where is the problem? If I wont be able to exceed more then 6GB daily, then I will have to cancel the subscription, since it's misleading the customer!

6 reacties

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There might be a new solution in place. Try sending this sms after the 1 GB extra is almost used. (of totally used). It is/was a fault that subscriptions could flud sending these extra sms.. One by one if one is finished should be possible as it is unlimited data..

When my daily 5GB run out, I've sent SMS Nog 1GB to 1280 and it worked for the first time, when I had around 300mb left I couldn't get more, the message I've received is:

"Helaas! Op dit moment kunnen we deze bundel niet activeren. Kijk in de MijnTele2 App welke bundels aangeschaft kunnen worden of probeer het later nog eens.”

And it's like that everytime I want to get second 1GB by SMS..

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Try downloading the new Tele2 app so you can add 1GB using the app instead of sms.



Also, try using the 300MB you have left and then try adding another 1GB.

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Hi @Kacper, welcome to our community and great that you've chosen us! It's a good thing that your addressing your issue here. We are here to help you! Basically, the bundle booster works if you have less than 1GB left. So it's good to try some other things to solve it. Have you already activated MijnTele2 via the activation link? If you have, then it is good to download the app as @pipodeclown  advised. It is important that you download the blue app, because you became a customer after May 6th.

Can you please let us know if that works? If not, I would like to receive a private message from you with this link. I need this information from you for verification:

  • First name + last name
  • Full address details
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of the IBAN number known to us

I'm very curious to hear it from you. Just know that we will fix this! :muscle_tone4:

Kind regards, 


Hey, thank you :)

Ok, I think that Tele2 changed some things since 6th May in the subscription.

It's working, but I have to use whole 1GB  (like pipodeclown wrote), to be able to use the bundle booster again via SMS or Tele2 app, which is kinda odd when I am downloading a big file (around 50GB), have to boost 50 times. My friend has the exact same subscription and he can send 50x SMS one by one to get 50GB streight away, pity that new customers can't do that :(

One more thing, is Tele2 merged with T-mobile? On speedtest I see that it's T-mobile network instead of Tele2 (I am connected to Tele2 network, changed APN to internet.tele2.nl, since by auto its smartsites.t-mobile) and the speed is pretty bad maximum 40MB/s (living in Zuid-Holland) friend has over 200MB/s in different location (around 3km) away. 

Do you know if there will be any improvement with the network in that area?


Forgot to answer the questions, I have activated my number and registered in Tele2 site and Tele2 app.


Kr, Kacper 

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The FUP of 5gb per Day has always been part of your contract. Tele2 did not enforce this, so you could send several sms. T-Mobile took over Tele2 last year and are integrating the network and IT systems. So you still get a branded Tele2 product, only under the hood things change.

So, as new customer you are asked to use a new/different Tele2 app and the new IT Stack will enforce the FUP of 5GB per Day and free unlimited 1Gb booster bundels. This is a subscription for smartphones, so not designed die 50GB downloads… IT is not mend tot replace a fixed internet connection.

200mbit download on the Tele2 network was not possible due to the limited frequencys Tele2 got. As the Tele2 network is switched off/integrated you can already use the T-Mobile network which support up to 450mbit. This is gradually done over the Netherlands, so experiences can differ.  Finally alle Tele2 Sims will be one of T-Mobile with the related APN, but that is all done remote. Your friend will face the new enforcement in the coming months.