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  • 7 maart 2019
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I would like to get a SIM only card with Tele2.
As an expat I understand I need to provide some personal information like ID and bank account. Does the bank account need to be from a Dutch bank? Or can it be from another country? I just moved to The Netherlands and Im in the process of getting my bank account, which means my bank account here won't be 3 months old. However my bank account from my home country (Portugal) is older than that.

Can I use my bank account from Portugal? If so, exactly what kind of information I need to provide?

Thank you very much!

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Hi nelson.sales, nowadays it is possible to order a mobile subscription with an other bank account. You need to go to a Tele2 store. You can our stores here: https://www.tele2.nl/winkels/?sqr=wnkels
You need to:
- be 18 or older,
- have a dutch address
- have an emailaddress.
- have a valid passport, residence permit or a privileged document.

Gr, Bernadet
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Theoretically any european Iban should be accepted by law.

But as far as I know, Tele2 still hasn't caught up in automatically accepting a non-dutch bank account.

The easiest way is for your to go to a Tele2 shop and discuss it with them.