Sim Card isn't connecting to network

  • 6 oktober 2018
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I bought a sim card 2 days ago from you on a sim-only deal. The sim card was activated in the store. I have since activated my mijn tele2 account. But as of yet I have not received any welcome message, and I can't access the internet or any other services through the phone. Whats more, in the phones sim-card settings it doesn't seem to recognize the new sim card fully, it hasn't registered the phone number for example.

Is it possible that it may take a few days for the simcard to activate properly or is there something wrong? Through je producten in mijnTele2 it says that the sim card has been activated.

I have a blackview BV8000 PRO, a somewhat unusual chinese phone but I have never had trouble with it before.

Beste antwoord door Rena Chan 6 oktober 2018, 19:24

The Pixel instructions on how to add the new apn.
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Are you able to make or receive phone calls?

First, the phone number doesn't usually show, not all providers have a simcard that supports this feature, as you can see my phone also cannot recognize my telephone number in the Sim information.

Back to your problem, phones that haven't a software tuned for Tele2's network might have trouble connecting in certain conditions, a number of added complexities on how Tele2's network works in the Netherlands and while roaming can give you some headache.

If you don't see Tele2 NL at the provider name spot, and see only emergency calls, you'll need to find the Tele2 sim tool kit app in your phone, (app might come with different names depending on your phone, Tele2 sim menu, sim tool kit, etc).
When open, choose Sim selectie > sim selectie automatisch.

Your phone should now register to the network.

Set your phone to choose 4G as preferable and for automatic provider selection since you'll be roaming to T-Mobile network when making a call or when outside 4G coverage.

Further, for internet, add a new apn, following this instructions for the Pixel the menus should be very similar if not the same.
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The Pixel instructions on how to add the new apn.
Hi Rena,

Thats sorted it out, thanks very much!