New sim no service

My tele2 account says my SIM card is active but I see no service. The sim works in the phone and it clearly knows it’s a tele2 sim. I registered my WhatsApp via WiFi so the number picks up. But when I try to use data nothing happens and I just see no service. I’m relying on this phone to work so please can you help me solve this.

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Hi Charlotte27, welcome on our forum and welcome to Tele2 🙂

Sad to hear it's not working as it should just yet. What puzzles me though is that you did get whatsapp to work as I do believe it works via (silent) SMS verification. Could you provide some more details on the problems you experience?
-When did you receive your sim card and when did you activate it? Has it not worked from the start or does it work sometimes?
-Have you tried things like rebooting your phone, checking if the sim card is placed correctly etc?
-Have you tried calling, being called, sending a text message, receiving a text message and using cellular data? Of these five, which work and which don't?
-You mentioned the sim card is active according to MijnTele2. Do you see usage from your data or voice bundle?
-What phone do you use and -if able - could you perhaps test your sim card in a different phone?

Looking forward to hearing from you.