[Info] How can I get a Tele2 mobile subscription with a foreign passport?

  • 22 juni 2020
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Do you want to take out a monthly mobile plan with Tele2, but you don’t have a Dutch passport? Then there is a good chance that you’ve stumbled across some difficulties on the website when you wanted to order one. It's not possible to take out a mobile plan on without having a Dutch passport. But don’t worry, there are other ways to get a Tele2 subscription! 

Where do I get a Tele2 mobile subscription? 

You can get a mobile subscription through one of our retailers. You’ll still have a subscription with Tele2, so you are still profiting from our attractive monthly deals. You can get a Tele2 subscription via or You can choose either one of these websites. 


How can I order a new subscription? 

You can order a new subscription through either or These websites are written in Dutch, so I'll help you navigate.

Once you are on the website, you navigate to the tab Tele2. Here you will see the different monthly plans we offer. You can get a new subscription with one of our deals over here. 

First you navigate to ‘Abonnementen’. There you will see a list of providers. Click on Tele2 and there you will see the offers we have. 


What are the conditions? 

There are a few conditions to take out a monthly mobile plan.  

  • You have to be at least 18 years old  

  • You need to have a Dutch residential address (not a mailbox) 

  • You can only request one Tele2 subscription  

  • For registering with a residence permit or an EU passport, a maximum appliance credit of €240,- (€10,- a month) applies. 


Can I also order a monthly plan with a mobile phone? 

The answer is yes! You could get a plan with a mobile phone, if the credit is €240,- or less. This is the case for a 2-year subscription. For a 1-year subscription, the credit cannot be higher than €120,-. We maintain a maximum appliance credit of €10,- a month


That’s about it! We look forward to welcome you to the Tele2-family. If you have a question that I haven’t covered in this topic, please let us know. We will answer your question as fast as we can. You can leave a reply on this topic right here.  

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