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  • 25 maart 2016
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I am a new client by Tele2 (since the beginning of this month). Yesterday I went abroad (still in Europe) and my phone shows "no service". I have spent half a day today to be able to solve the problem. First, I had a live chat with customer service but the problem was not solved. I had to call from abroad and spent 15 minutes with the operator, the problem was not solved and I was informed that the problem will be given to the technical team. Later I got an sms to the other phone number I have provided to call back as there was more information necessary from my side. I called back only to find out that the service abroad is not possible for me at this moment because I am a new customer and I have first to pay two invoices before I can use the phone abroad. I find this absolutely unacceptable. I did not get any explanation why is that (the operator refused to explain. She said that she did not invent the rules and she can help me with nothing).

Well, I was NEVER informed about these "rules" and want to see the document, which determines that. Why was I not informed about these limitations before? This service is completely unacceptable and I am willing to take in further with the customer protection if necessary.

Please do explain why this happened and how it can be solved?

Best wishes,

Beste antwoord door Siebel 26 maart 2016, 09:53

Hi Julija,

This applies to all customers, roaming is blocked for the first 2 months.

You can file a complaint at:
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Dit topic is gesloten. Maak een nieuw topic aan als je een vraag hebt.

4 reacties

Hi Julija,

This applies to all customers, roaming is blocked for the first 2 months.

You can file a complaint at:
Hi Siebel,

Thank you for your reaction and reply! Well, I find this service to be middle aged. There is a contract between me and Tele2, incasso, etc. and find no reason why the service is blocked for the first two months. I find this absolutely unacceptable and of course will file a complaint.

Best wishes,

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Remember that this is a customer board. So everybody without at the end of their forum name "van Tele2" is just a customer like you. We can have a discussion here but can not promiss anything.
What we think that this measurement is a fraud protection rule. New subscriptions went direct abroad and as calls made abroad takes time before the details reaches the Netherlands, people who used a fake bankaccount call dial hudge amount of money to premium numbers..
I suggest to Tele2 to overcome this and give customers the possibility to deposit some money from a bank account to proof that it is valid.
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Hi sumrova,
just like siebel explained this applies to all the customers for the first two months.
If you have other questions I have to ask you to make a new topic.
Best regards, Trinh