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  • 20 November 2019
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I received today the invoice and it state an amount different than what I received in the begining, we agreed on a total invoice of  27 per month now am receiving an invoice for 36.58 eur + 30 eur service cost.

Can you please look at this and advise 


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Hello aminaameziane,

Look at the specification of the invoice (you can find that in Mijn Tele2), Tele2 billingperiodes are from the first tot the last day of the month.
Probably you pay for 9/10 days for the first periode € 9.58 and for 1 full month € 27 on this invoice.
The € 30 are "aansluitkosten", which are cost for connecting you to the network, you only pay this once at the start of the contract.