Contract termination at the expense of Tele2

  • 28 december 2020
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Travelled abroad and lost connection... Customer service (very politely) said: "Oh, sorry, we are migrating to new system so only thing we can do is to send you new sim card..." 

So, I am basically unable to use the service I am paying for. Can't use anything connected with my phone number. Can't connect remotely to work, can't pay bills via online banking, can't receive info, mails unless connected to wireless etc.... For a Month. 

All things considered, are there grounds to cancel the subscription?

This is the worst service EVER! 

2 reacties

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That was the best suggestion. You can apply for a new simcard which will be send to your adres in the Netherlands. From there a family member or friend can forward it to you.


I don't doubt it was the best suggestion, and person on the phone was very polite. So no issues with the customer service at all. 

Issue is with Tele2 service in general. Migration to new network in the middle of holidays, no mention of the potential necessity to exchange the SIM card. 

Sending SIM card to my adress or to friends which can then forward it to me? To Croatia... So minimum 2 weeks without phone or any phone related service in the middle of pandemic when everything is online. Plus, I could have been in China or Zimbabwe.…

Service is not as slow when payments have to be made monthly.... Basically, I don't like paying for services I don't get.

This is the problem, not the customer service....