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  • 29 september 2016
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My contraction for my mobile in Netherlands has been over as of last month, but still money is being taken out from my account. So I would like to cancel my subscription. I tried to find menu for this, but I couldn't find it. So I hope anyone of you can let me know how to do this.

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4 reacties

Cancelling of subscription is only possible by phone 020 75 44444
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did you already call? Calling is the only way to end your contract.

Regards, Trinh
Thank you very much. I tried to reach to the customer service via phone call.
But a problem is that the automatic response is spoken in Dutch and I cannot understand Dutch at all . When I just tried pressing any number, It seemed it was calling to someone, but even though I waited for 5min I couldn't reach anyone. I wonder if you let me know how to reach them via phone call???
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That's too bad. When you dial the number you can press 1 for mobile and then wait, press 3 for cancellation and then 3 (for no waiting music) :)

Let me know if it worked!