Costumer Service in English

  • 28 februari 2017
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Could you please explain to me how to talk to a operator (in english) via your costumer service line?

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4 reacties

Dependent on wich service you want: (not complete, if you have something to add, do please)

Menuchoices Customerservice 020 75 44444
1. Mobile telephone (mobiele telefoon)
2. Internet and Television (internet en televisie)
  • 1 - invoices and orders ( facturen en bestellingen)
  • 2 - technical problems and disruption of service ( technische problemen en storingen)
  • 3 - change or ending subscription ( verlengen en opzeggen )
  • 4 - glassfiber problems ( glasvezel)
3. Telephone (landline)
4. Fiberglass connection
5. New abo and continuation (Sales)
Thank you so much WhTurner,

After selecting number 1, should I still select another number to talk with someone?
Yes, but I just tested and couldn't quite write down the questions.
There are 3 choises
1. ??
2. Technical questions about telephones
3. Qustions about invoices, payments.

You can always try one of the numbers after hearing the menu.
Thank you! I will try 🙂