My internet is not working

  • 5 January 2018
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Hello, I started my internet on 27/12/2017. It worked well until 1 hour ago. I tried to restart the modem several times, but it does not work. Now on the modem only the power indicator is blinking, and all the other indicators are off. I hope this can be solved asap. Thank you.

Beste antwoord door Rena Chan 5 January 2018, 08:44

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I recommend you calling the servicedesk at 020-754 4444 or 1200 if you have a Tele2 mobile number.

They can check right way what's the problem with the connection and walk you through some troubleshooting.

Here on the forum takes up to a day or two for a moderator to answer.

Anyways, make that your date of birth a d client number are filled in your profile, in case a moderator can be of assistance.