Mikrotik Router with Technicolor VDSL modem/router

  • 23 March 2022
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Hello Forum,

I have a Technicolor VDSL modem/router from  I am interested in learning and getting some hands-on about networking and firewall rules, so I plan to buy/install a Mikrotik routerboard (RB450GX4) and have everything in my LAN behind this Mikrotik router.

I plan to set up my network as follows:

Internet (WAN) <=> Technicolor VDSL modem (tele2) <=> Mikrotik RB450GX4 <=> LAN (Wireless Access Points / Network Mesh)

I am thinking of leaving the Technicolor VDSL modem as-is ( no change in any configurations on this, just disable Wireless LAN - SSID). Technicolor modem will have its default DHCP server providing IP to Mikrotik.

  1. Is it possible to have a DHCP server for my LAN running on the Mikrotik RB450GX4 so that Mikrotik controls and manages all the network devices on my LAN? I am assuming by doing so, the Technicolor modem’s admin page will show only 1 network device connected to Technicolor, which is the Mikrotik router. It will not show any of the other network devices in my LAN. 
  2. Is there anyone who has experience on a similar setup and can share their experience?  

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To add to the above, I just realized with my proposed solution, I will end up having a Double NAT issue. 

Does Technicolor allow Bridge mode? 

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Hi @t-philip , welcome to the community.

The Technicolor router can not be put in Bridge mode. The solution you should look for it to put your router in a DMZ behind the Technicolor. Give the new modem a fixed LAN ip adres and add in the Technicolor that adres in the DMZ.

Alternative is that you take out the Technicolor and use your own modem/router. But you should be a bit IT handy. For both options there is not formal support. It is just allowed to use the connection with your own hardware. See this page.

Hi @eric, thank you for your response and ‘welcome’ message. 

  • DMZ => I like your suggestion with DMZ, I didn’t think of this. Sounds logical after reading your message. I guess I will have to keep all the ports on Technicolor open and forwarded to my router static IP and let my router take care of the traffic via firewall rules? 
  • Own modem => I was not aware that we could get our modem to replace the modem. Interesting option but additional investment on my side to get a VDSL modem that supports bridge mode. Now the big question for me is, should I invest in a VDSL modem or wait for a Fiber connection?



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Yes, if you want to change something, chooses need to be made! If you expect a glasfiber connection soon, i would not invest in a new modem.